New Vision, New Concept

How to Buy Pi Cryptocurrency In India 2022

Think about everything that you currently know about cryptocurrency. Now, go and throw it all away and think of Pi. Pi is to cryptocurrency what cryptocurrency is to fiat money - an even more accessible form of digital asset that gives more power and autonomy to the end user - and will continue to change the landscape of cryptocurrency completely.

With India beginning to increase its scope of influence in the cryptocurrency market, and a considerable growth of crypto holders occurring throughout recent years, prospective traders in India will be on the lookout for the latest tokens to invest in. While there are of course some very established cryptocurrency tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit different and approaching crypto from a different angle, then Pi might be just what you’re looking for.

PI is a cryptocurrency built by Stanford University computer scientist Dr Nicolas Kokkalis. Kokkalis saw an opportunity in the cryptocurrency market to create a token that circumvented the sometimes significant power required to mine tokens themselves. The purpose of Pi, in comparison to other cryptocurrencies, is to be entirely accessible via smartphone, no desktop required. The Pi cryptocurrency can be mined on your smartphone, making the experience for users completely streamlined and free from the typical mining costs associated with other, more well known cryptocurrency tokens. What’s more, all that mining activity on your phone won’t drain your battery significantly either, making Pi not only an accessible cryptocurrency but also an economically viable one.

Currently, the Pi Cryptocurrency has over 18 million engagers. With interest in crypto continuously growing in both India and across the world, this number is certain to keep increasing. What’s more, the ease of accessibility and low barriers to entry that both Pi and cryptocurrency in general possess, the potential usage spread that Pi could have in India is exponential. One thing to note however - you’re going to need an invite from a Pi token holder to invest…so get networking!